Wi-Fi Security Survey Questions + Sample Questionnaire Template

The wifi security survey is an in-depth questionnaire that collects feedback from respondents that connect to the internet via hotspot. This sample survey template is used to gather in-depth data from respondents about their knowledge of wireless networks and the associated risks. The survey was created by industry experts to collect in-depth data by using survey questions, from users of wireless networks to understand from them, their usage habits and understanding of how wireless networks, work.

1.What is your gender?
What is your age?
Please rank these activities in order of the time you spend when you are connected to internet. (1 would be most and 4 would be least)
For fun
Business purpose
Do you use desktop, laptop or other devices such as PDA to connect internet (Check all that apply)?
Please choose your present Internet Service Provider
Do you have access to any wireless internet service from an ISP?
Do you prefer wireless or wired connection?
If you want to buy a router for home or office, would you prefer it to be wireless internet access enabled?

Have you bought a wireless card or does your computer come with an integrated wireless card?
What type of wireless card is it?
Where do you use wireless internet? Check all that apply:
How often do you use wireless internet for free in public areas?

Do you check if there is a sign for a legitimate provider to make sure you are connected to the right network? For instance if you connect through a private wireless network , you will be asked to sign in with an id and a password?
Do you use a password to connect wireless networks in public areas?
Does your wireless card is configured to connect automatically to any available network?
If you have a wireless network at home or office do you leave it ON all the time?

Have you ever setup a wireless network?
Have you ever changed the default security settings of your router or of your wireless card?
Have you ever experienced losing bandwidth size during web browsing? For instance: your downloading speed is decreasing suddenly.
Does your guest access file sharing is turned on? For instance: You have an existing network and sharing files or folders by choosing them to share with other computers on your network.
Do you use Outlook Express or any email software’s to download your emails directly to your computer?
If you have a technical problem, How do you solve it?Check all that apply.
Have you ever experienced a hacker attack or received a virus, Trojan?
Do you regularly upgrade your Operating and security software’s?
What kind of software’s do you use to protect your computer from attacks or loss of files? Check all that apply.
Do you use P2P (peer to peer) sharing software such as Kazaa or Limewire?

B. Close Ended, Scale Questions
28.Do you agree using public hotspots is secure enough for internet access?
29.Do you agree subscribing an ISP for a wireless service will protect from unauthorized access to your computer?
30.Do you agree that the security software’s will be enough to protect you from attacks in Hotspots?
31.Do you agree that using personal information such as credit card number, SSN or banking transactions is a good idea in wireless connections via HotSpots?
32.Do you agree that wireless network devices such as routers and cards are user friendly?

C. Follow Ups to Close Ended, Scale Questions

In overall; If you agree that wireless networks are not secure enough for use in public areas Please tell me why you feel this way.
In overall; if you agree that wireless networks are secure enough for use in public areas Please tell me why you feel this way.
36.If you have additional comments that have not been addressed in the survey, please tell me

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